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Plans for St Michael's Estate

COMMUNITY CONSULTATION Vacant lands at former St. Michael’s Estate, Inchicore • St. Michael’s Estate Regeneration Board are hosting a consultation workshop so that the local community can s [more...]

Public Meeting about Proposed Closure of Inchicore Sports Hall, Wednesday, April 15th

My name is Elaine Snowden and I am contacting you on behalf of Dublin Roller Derby and its members who currently live in Inchicore. As you may have heard, the Inchicore Community Sports Centre, is  [more...]

Event for Prevent Cancer Day

*** PREVENT CANCER DAY *** with Tension and Trauma Releasing Exercises - TRE. The World Health Organization predicts that by 2026 - 10 years from now - STRESS will have become the No1 cause of dea [more...]

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Traveller street kids

Thankfully most of the so called hard lads that used to hang around spar intimidating people will be in mountjoy or wheatfield for the next few years but they left there traveller offspring here. Thes [more...]

Tramyard website
Forum: The Tramyard

That email address doesn't work, anyone know what way this committee can be contacted ? [more...]

Computer Repairs

Hi, Kevin, I am having difficulty with my laptop. I was wondering if you would have a look at it?. Regards. Pauline [more...]