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New play on suicide comes to Inchicore

'Bring Me Back Alive', by Patricia McCann, is billed as "a play confronting the tragedy of suicide in our communities and in our families". You can see in St Michael's Community Centre on Friday, N [more...]

Roller Derby season kicks off in Drimnagh

Roller Derby is a contact sport played on skates which is pretty big in Inchicore; training is every Monday, Wednesday, Thursday and Sunday in the DCC. According to Val, head of PR for Dublin Rolle [more...]

Music event for young children, April 7th

THE QUIET TREE Friday 7th April at 2pm in Richmond Barracks, Inchicore, Dublin 8 The Quiet Tree is an intimate traditional music performance specifically designed for young children (aged 3-6) and [more...]

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Buying in inchicore

HI, Living here a while now and it is fine and in fact improving with new restaurants opening etc..Anywhere you have council estates you will have a few undesirables but overall I'd recommend the a [more...]

Inchicore House

Hi Martin, Cecelia had a couple of sisters, her sister Stella Margurite would be my great grandmother. Also would anyone know what happened to Michael Byrne, Cecelias 2nd husband? Thanks Rosema [more...]

Oil spill

Where did all this oil come from that's all over the road into the Works? It's on the footpaths too. Proper mess. Some big yoke driving up to CIE, I assume?  [more...]