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Pictures of Inchicore



William T Cosgrave's grave vandalised in Goldenbridge

The grave of William T Cosgrave, the first head of an independent Irish government, has been desecrated in a Dublin cemetery. Mr Cosgrave, the father of former taoiseach Liam Cosgrave, is buried at [more...]

Inchicore village wins environmental awards

At a ceremony hosted by Dublin City Council (Dublin Central Area) last week to celebrate the City Neighbourhoods Districts Awards last night at the Bulfin Senior Citizens Centre in Inchicore, Inchicor [more...]

Connolly Avenue 1931 - can you identify the children in the photograph?

This charming picture comes to us courtesy of Amanda O'Sullivan, whose grand aunt, Eileen Dobbyn, taught at the Model School in Inchicore. Eileen lived at 74 Connolly Avenue, and the picture was ta [more...]

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Best local representative

That's it Rosie, the raised tarmac area alone canal. It could be an excellent amenity. Its early stages though, but hopefully we will see something done there. [more...]

Dart underground

Or...maybe Alan C, Simon, and Jim are all the same person! Now wouldn't that just be weird Alan? Yes it would Jim, do you agree Simon? Yup I do Alan. Thanks for the clarity Alan..... [more...]

Myra Close

A few weeks ago I noticed the council cleaning up the green area by the bus stop outside Myra Close. There was a fair bit of rubbish but it looked good afterwards. However I was taking the bus today a [more...]